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Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ Across America

Bringing the Gospel to the Streets

Hope Over America is the largest evangelistic outreach for the broken in the United States. We bring hope to the broken through the power of testimonies of changed lives, passionate worship, and the tangible presence of God. Our mission is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets, not just to make converts but to make disciples.

The Hope of America is Here

Join Us to Bring Hope to the Broken
Bringing the Gospel of Jesus

Hope Over America is the largest evangelistic outreach for the broken in the US. We bring hope to the broken through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Power of Testimonies and Worship

We share the power of testimonies of changed lives, coupled with passionate worship, to bring the gospel of Jesus to the streets. Our goal is to make disciples, not just converts.

Local Church Unity

In order to bring the hope of Jesus effectively, we believe in the unity of local churches and faith-based resources. We collaborate with local churches and organizations to reach out to those in need.

Faith-Based Resources

Our mission is to provide faith-based resources to equip and resource them with the necessary tools and training to continue their work after our visit.

Hope over america

what we can offer your city

Stage Events

Hope Over America stages events with the goal of bringing transformation to communities. Our events are designed to bring hope to the broken, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets. Our experienced team brings passion, worship, and testimonies of changed lives and helps to facilitate revival in each city.

Stage Events

Evangelism Training

Meetings & Evangelism Training

We offer meetings, equipping, and evangelism training for local churches and Christian organizations. Our team works closely with faith-based resources and provides guidance and support for churches that want to make an impact in their city. Through our meetings and evangelism training, we empower local churches to become more effective in their outreach and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Facilitating revival

Help Facilitate Revival

At Hope Over America, we strive to help facilitate revival in communities across America. We believe in the power of Jesus Christ and the transformative impact that his love can have on an individual and a community. We are dedicated to helping to spread the fire of God throughout the nation, bringing hope and revival to those who are broken and in need of God’s love.

Hope is here

We want to bring hope to your city

The fire of God is as real today as it’s ever been. We bring unity between local churches and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to bring hope and restoration to the broken. We work together to equip local churches with the faith-based resources needed to spread the gospel throughout their communities.